The story of a photographer...

So many photographers exist in today's world, but what sets you apart? What makes you the person someone will trust their precious moments with. A photoshoot undoubtedly exposes your deepest insecurities and your greatest confidences. As a photographer it has always been my pleasure finding the perfection in the imperfections. As a self-taught photographer and as a moonlighting graphic designer, all my life all I have ever known is to create and explore the visions in my mind. So when there's a camera in my hand, I know no fear. I find joy in freezing a beautiful moment in time that could last beyond a lifetime. My legacy is seeing my work centuries down the line as generations get to enjoy works of art that I've created. That to me is why I do what I do, and why I aim to be the greatest at it. Now come and let me show you why I am your One Stop Shop Photographer.


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Kristi T.

You’re just awesome! I'm not always the easiest subjects to capture yet you do it with precision and grace! I’ve never been disappointed and I’ll continue to support you in EVERYTHING that you do!!