Hi, I am Pharod

Your One Stop Shop Photographer

Hailing from College Park, GA, Pharod Thomas has spent most of his life in his beloved hometown of Georgia. After leaving Savannah State University to continue his education at Georgia State University, Pharod found a passion for photography and hasn't looked back. Grounded in his love for God, and his allegiance to his family, Pharod strives for the very best in all that he puts his hands on and his mind to. Pharod's photographs add a unique elegance to your photos and leaves clients feeling ecstatic about his work. 

His work is inspiring, and captivating to say the least, and Pharod leaves an impression on his clients that they never forget. Pharod can be found today moving about this world capturing life's moments from an admirable family portrait to a breathtaking sports action shot, but most importantly he is looking forward to capturing your next moment.

My Philosophy

Photography is the beauty of life captured

To me, photography is about making sense of the world. Photography is about finding appreciation in the small things in life. Photography is about walking slower, looking at things, and finding beauty in the ordinary and mundane. Photography is a meditation on life and death, and so I aim to freeze moments in time so that we all can appreciate that moment.

a glimpse

you should be able to look at me and see my work.

you would be able to look at my work and see me

(roy Decarava)